Visual Literacy Class (introduction to design)


Are you a visual literate? Or do you think it is only relevant to those in the creative industry?

Living in the era of digital age, we are bombarded with thousands of images in form of emoticons, photographs, illustrations, motion graphics, animations etc. All these are influencing our decision making, behavioural response, belief system, culture, communication and even relationship with others. It is relevant to all ages and it is a skill that can be taught.

This interactive workshop will equip you with deeper understanding on how visuals can manipulate our emotion, how colour can provoke our senses. You will also learn some useful tips on how to apply and use it as a persuasive tool to communicate effectively.


Master Trainer: Kenji Choo | Award-winning Design Educator/Mentor

Kenji graduated with a distinction in Master of Design from Curtin University of Technology, Australia after receiving professional design training from Japan in the early nineties. Accumulating 20 years of relevant job experiences as a creative practitioner, Kenji has also been passionately teaching as a design educator for the past 10 years.

Thu Feb 22, 2018
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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Venue Address
30 Merchant Road, Riverside Point, #03-22 Singapore 058282 Singapore
M.A.D. School